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Thank you to everyone who took part in our Summer Raffle 2023! Our lucky winners are listed below.

Summer Raffle 2023 – list of winners

1st Prize - £7,000 Mrs O, Merseyside, Ticket Number: 44163

2nd Prize - £1,200 Mrs D, West Sussex, Ticket Number: 378733

3rd Prize - £800 Mrs L, Leeds, Ticket Number: 169775

Runner up - £100 Mrs G, Middlesex, Ticket Number: 7417

Runner up - £100 Mrs G, Northampton, Ticket Number: 115584

Runner up - £100 Mrs W, Nottingham, Ticket Number: 442865

Runner up - £100 Mrs H, Kent, Ticket Number: 382045

Runner up - £100 Mrs R, Manchester, Ticket Number: 430880

Runner up - £100 Mrs F, West Yorkshire, Ticket Number: 200426

Runner up - £100 Mr S, Norfolk, Ticket Number: 3077

Runner up - £100 Mrs W, Cardiff, Ticket Number: 204714

Runner up - £100 Mrs B, Sroke-on-Trent, Ticket Number: 186978

Runner up - £100 Mr W, Cheshire, Ticket Number: 73683

Golden Ticket Winner - £500 Mr G, Mid Glamorgan

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Thank you for playing

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Raffle. By playing you are helping to reach out to more people who are fighting against poverty, social injustice, conflict and climate disasters.

Playing our raffle is just one way you can support our work.