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Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team

A monthly gift to our Emergency Response Team means we can be there whenever disaster strikes.

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Working with our local experts on the ground, we know what people need as soon as a disaster strikes and where the need is greatest.

We work in areas affected by emergency situations, whether they make the news headlines or not.

Beirut Emergency Appeal

Appeal launched: August 2020

Money raised: £440,000

Over 6,500 people were injured in the explosions and approximately 100,000 children saw their homes either completely or partially destroyed. The loss of homes often results in overcrowded households and communities, thus raising other risks such as Covid-19 transmission.

Our local organisations and volunteers were responding on the frontlines, assisting in hospitals and helping the injured.

Beirut appeal closed image

Coronavirus Appeal

Appeal launched: April 2020

Money raised: £4 million

On 30 April 2020 we launched an emergency appeal for funds, and with your incredible support we have raised over £4 million. 

With the funding raised, we have funded over 90 separate projects in over 30 countries. While we prioritised responding to emergency levels of need, we were also adapting our long-term development work to ensure that people are able to continue to earn a living, and that children can continue their education in a safe environment.

Coronavirus Appeal image

Zimbabwe & Zambia Food Crisis Appeal

Appeal launched: January 2020

Money raised: £249,000

In January 2020, CAFOD launched an appeal for the humanitarian emergency in Zimbabwe and Zambia. A crippling drought and spiralling food prices caused hunger on a massive scale across both countries.

Our response focused on the provision of nutritious food and access to clean and safe water to those affected by the drought and the economic crisis.

Nomalita, 49 and her family

Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack Appeal

Appeal launched: April 2019

Money raised: Over £22,000

On Easter Sunday 2019, bomb blasts across Sri Lanka targeting churches and hotels killed more than 250 people.

Following the Easter 2019 bombings, there has been widespread hostility towards members of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka, and towards refugees and asylum seekers from Pakistan and Afghanistan living in the Negombo area.

CAFOD made an emergency grant to our Sri Lankan partners based in Negombo, who are working to support the welfare of these refugees. Your donations helped to provide food and medicines as well as funding for psycho-social support to those who are vulnerable. Alongside this, they were carrying out advocacy and communications at a local level to help restore peace and normalcy in the aftermath of the attacks.

Asia - Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka bombing - Destroyed church

Following the 2019 Easter bombings, CAFOD continues to work with local experts and to support the needs of families affected by the attacks.

East Africa Food Crisis

Appeal launched: March 2017 alongside the DEC.

Money raised: Together we raised £60 million.

In 2017 over 23 million people across South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya were in need of urgent food, water and health care. Widespread drought meant harvests had failed and cholera outbreak in South Sudan and Somalia worsened the situation.

We provided food, healthcare, access to clean water and sanitation, medication and malaria testing, seeds and fishing nets as well as providing support to care for livestock.

Africa - Mozambique - Delivering aid after Cyclone Idai

Caritas food assistance being loaded onto boat for Buzi, an area no longer accessible by road. 

Ethiopia Food Crisis

Appeal launched: April 2016

Money raised: over £650,000

In 2016, parts of Ethiopia were affected by two consecutive failed rainy seasons. The north and north east of the country experienced long periods of drought, while the south and south east areas experienced severe flooding. More than 10 million people were left hungry and in need of food aid.

Your donations reached over 285,000 people affected by the drought, and among many things provided clean water points, emergency seeds and aid for under-fives and pregnant and breast feeding women.

Ethiopia Food Crisis

South Sudan Appeal

Appeal launched: April 2014

Money raised: £269,000

In 2014, nearly four years of conflict in South Sudan forced over 3 million people from their homes and led to 4.9 million people struggling to find enough to eat. The UN had declared that parts of the country were facing famine. 

CAFOD supported its local Church partners to provide food, shelter, healthcare, clean water, sanitation and emergency supplies to thousands of people who were forced from their homes.

Our experienced partners were already on the ground responding to the needs of vulnerable communities and were best placed to know how to support these families. 

South Sudan Appeal image