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Conflict has broken out in Sudan, and hundreds of civilians have been caught up in the violence.

People are running out of food, water and medicine and many families have risked fleeing their homes to escape the fighting.

How your donations will help in Sudan

Our long-term programmes in Sudan have been paused while the violence continues, but your support will help our local teams to monitor the crisis and judge the best way of helping the families affected.

For years you have helped to provide practical help to refugee families, who have fled neighbouring countries for Sudan. The worry is that as families affected by the conflict in Sudan itself escape south, resources in the camps will become even more stretched and much more support will be needed.

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Donate to the Sudan Crisis Appeal

Your donation today can help make a real difference, supporting families who have been forced to leave behind jobs, personal belongings, and loved ones.

How your donations will help in South Sudan

The local experts you support are already in South Sudan, where some families escaping the fighting in Sudan have crossed the border.

Forced to leave behind jobs, personal belongings and loved ones, these vulnerable people urgently need shelter, food and water.

£100,000 of previous donations has already been sent to our teams in South Sudan so that refugee families can be helped quickly, but the numbers of people crossing the border is likely to continue.

Your donation today can help make a real difference.

How else can I help?

Please join us in praying for peace in Sudan.

Hear from our Head of Africa, Kayode Akintola, about the situation in Sudan and share his message with your family and friends.