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After two years since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, at least 6 million people have fled Ukraine to escape the conflict and another 5 million people are internally displaced.

Leaving behind their homes, jobs and loved ones, Ukrainians urgently need shelter, food and water. More than 17 million people, almost half the population, require humanitarian aid.

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Life for the people of Ukraine has completely changed. Fighting and indiscriminate bombing has killed families and destroyed houses, schools and hospitals. Millions in displacement centres and damaged homes face temperatures below -20C.

An estimated 1.4 million houses have been damaged by the war, and it is mostly older people and people with disabilities who remain behind in homes with leaking roofs, broken windows and no access to heating.

How is CAFOD responding?

CAFOD is working through local experts in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, helping those whose lives have been destroyed by the conflict to survive.

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Ukraine Appeal update: Two years on since the invasion

Your generous contributions to our Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal helped over 140,000 vulnerable women, men and children access vital aid including food, water, shelter and counselling support.

Thanks to you, our local partners are helping people to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma, losing loved ones, homes and livelihoods.

Since the first days of the invasion, CAFOD's local partner DePaul has been responding to support those along the hardest-hit frontline areas in eastern and southern Ukraine. They are providing shelter, food, water, generators, blankets, and medical assistance to those most in need.

Depaul Ukraine has supported homeless people in Ukraine since 2007, so we know that winter is a dangerous time. Every year, homeless people die in Ukraine due to hyperthermia and frostbite. This year, there will be significantly more homeless people, as well as people whose homes have been damaged during the war. During the winter months, we will continue delivering food, hygiene and medical supplies. Depaul’s large-scale humanitarian response has transported more than 1000 tonnes of food aid, hygiene items and medical equipment into the country.

Father Vitaliy Novak, CEO of DePaul Ukraine, CAFOD's local partner

We have also responded quickly through the Caritas network – which CAFOD is a member of – to provide shelter, food and safe spaces for families who have lost everything.

The humanitarian professionals and volunteers working on your behalf live locally and are from the communities that you are supporting. Many have been displaced by the war themselves. They understand people’s specific needs: from food and water, to shelter and clothing, to medical, psychological, and spiritual support. No two people are the same, no two crises are the same.

Hear more from our local experts

Thanks to your kind donations and support, we have delivered vital assistance to over 120,000 mothers, children and elderly people since the first months of the conflict. We are part of a Caritas response that has reached over 2 million refugees and internally-displaced people. By working together we are making a difference to the lives of those in greatest need.

When the emergency needs of families affected by the Ukraine conflict have been met and international attention turns to other crises, we are committed to be there in the long-term, to ensure that the communities you are helping can rebuild and heal.

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How will my donation help?

More than 17 million people, almost half the current population of Ukraine, are now in need of humanitarian aid. With your help, we can keep supporting the increasing number of families who are in desperate need.

Your donation will help local experts in Ukraine to keep providing:

  • food, water, and hygiene items

  • shelter and clothing

  • healthcare

  • education

  • counselling and group therapy.

My prayers are for all the people who remember and support us. It’s so important that people don’t forget about my country, and that they continue to donate, especially with winter approaching. Your donations save lives.

Father Vitaliy Novak, CEO of DePaul Ukraine, CAFOD's local partner

What else can I do to help?

How we spend your money

We are committed to being honest, open, transparent and accountable about how your donations are spent.

Supporter promise

CAFOD values the trust of our supporters. We don’t tolerate corruption or abuse in any form.


CAFOD stands for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development. We bring hope and compassion to poor communities, standing side by side with them to end poverty and injustice.