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Image 1 - Yemen Crisis Update

Caritas Poland's health officer unpacking a medicine delivery.

You can help people in desperate need due to the civil war in Yemen. Help us get humanitarian support to more people who are suffering from conflict, hunger and disease.

The ongoing conflict, floods, increasing hunger and a broken healthcare system has left ordinary people in Yemen suffering. The situation in Yemen, often forgotten about, remains one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Yemen remains one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises

More than 21.6 million people in Yemen - two thirds of its population - are in dire need of humanitarian support, with 80% living below the poverty line and 4.5 million people fleeing their homes in search of safety.   

What are the most urgent needs in Yemen? 

Since violence broke out in 2014, the situation within the country continues to deteriorate drastically.

The ongoing fighting and inflation have meant that the economy is close to collapsing, public services such as hospitals are disappearing, and most people are trying to survive day-to-day. 

Water and food are expensive and hard to access. Shelter and sanitation are needed as homes have been destroyed, and many thousands of people are in need of medical attention - not just because of injuries from the war, but because they are suffering from malnutrition and dealing with the effects of the pandemic.   

Your donation can help change this. 

What is CAFOD doing? 

CAFOD's sister agency Caritas Poland is providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people in Yemen. The support focuses on the provision of life-saving emergency medical interventions and essential medicine and the delivery of hygiene workshops aiming to help prevent the spread of disease. 

Your donation could help provide urgent medical care and help distribute essential medicine to vulnerable women, men and children. 

How can I help people in Yemen? 

Any donation you can give to our appeal will reach those in need in Yemen. Help us to reach people living through the world’s largest humanitarian crisis by donating to our Yemen Crisis Appeal.