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More games to play with your saint cards

More ways to play with your saint cards

Did you know there are even more ways to have fun with your saint cards? Here are some bonus games just for you.

Guess the saints from their story

How to play

  1. Lay the picture cards out in front of you, face up.

  2. Place the story cards in a pile face down. One player takes the top story card and reads it being careful NOT to read out the Saint's name.

  3. The other players must try to guess the saint correctly and point to their picture!

  4. Whoever points to the right picture first picks it up and keeps it, and it's their turn to read next.

  5. The winner is whoever has the most picture cards at the end of the game!

If you are playing with very young children: play the game as stated above, but with a parent or older child reading out all the cards, instead of taking turns.

Spot the difference

How to play

  1. Take a look at your saint portrait cards – the ones with the pictures of the saints on them.

  2. Find each matching pair and put them together.

  3. Each matching pair contains three subtle differences! Get your little helpers and see if you can spot them all!