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COP27 ends with agreement to set up loss and damage fund

19 November 2022
Africa - Egypt - COP27 meeting room

COP27 took place in Sharm El-Sheik in Egypt

The COP27 climate talks have ended in Egypt with governments agreeing to set up a 'loss and damage' fund.

The decision means a specific fund will be created to support countries that have contributed least to causing the climate crisis but which are seeing communities devastated by its impacts – including the loss of crops and livestock to drought or being displaced from their homes due to rising sea levels.

Thousands of CAFOD supporters called for governments at COP27 to set up a loss and damage fund, while the Holy See intervened during negotiations to back calls for the fund from countries most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Creation of loss and damage fund a 'major step forward'

Neil Thorns, Director of Advocacy at CAFOD, said:

“The establishment of a loss and damage fund is a major step forward in supporting communities whose lives, livelihoods and cultures have been destroyed by the climate crisis.

“The next step is to ensure that the fund works under clear principles of justice and is capitalised without delay."

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'Slow progress' on work to fix the food system

CAFOD supporters had called for leaders in Egypt to pledge to take action to reduce emissions generated by food production and to make local food supply chains more resilient to the impacts of the climate crisis.

Neil Thorns said:

“There was slow progress on work delivering sustainable food systems, the Sharm El Sheikh work programme does not take the holistic approach needed if we are to reform our broken food system which currently harms the planet and leaves people hungry.”

Thank you for calling for action at COP27

Thousands of CAFOD supporters called for action from leaders as they prepared to meet in Egypt.

UK - Southwark - COP27 Global Day of Action mobilisation

CAFOD supporters joined marches around the UK in solidarity with people worldwide as part of a COP27 'Global Day of Action'

More than four thousand people wrote to the Prime Minister urging the government to support and contribute to a loss and damage fund, to stop support for fossil fuels at home as well as overseas, and to work with other countries to tackle the way our broken food system is contributing to the climate crisis.

Catholics around England and Wales joined marches in London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Devon and other towns and cities around England and Wales as part of a COP27 'Global Day of Action'.

Work continues to care for our common home and fix our food system

COP27 has ended, but our work standing in solidarity with people hardest hit by the climate crisis continues.

In 2022, we'll be continuing our campaign to fix our broken food system, looking at the ways we can stand in solidarity with small-scale farmers.

We hope you'll join in with our campaigns in the new year.

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