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Meet the women on the frontline working to rebuild Beirut

27 August 2020

Three women in Beirut share their experiences of being on the frontline after the explosions and describe how they are rebuilding the city from the rubble.


Lebanon - Beirut explosions -

Maritta Yaghi, a recent medicine graduate, was on the frontline treating patients on the night of the Beruit explosion. 

Maritta Yaghi, a recent medicine graduate, said:

“When the explosion happened, I was visiting my friends in Hamra, and the building started shaking all over. We saw the fumes and knew it was an explosion. It was more than scary.

“When I arrived at the hospital, every patient needed the assistance of more than two doctors and three or four nurses. The emergency department was a warzone.

“What I have seen could not have happened at a worse time. We are in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis. Increased prices and a depreciating currency meant hospitals were already devoid of medical supplies. This explosion could spell catastrophe.”


Lebanon - Beirut explosion - Theresia

Theresia, a volunteer with Caritas Lebanon, has been working to support victims of the blast. 

Theresia Sarkis, a volunteer with Caritas Lebanon, said:  

“As young volunteers, we are working non-stop - supporting in the removal of rubble and debris in around 75 houses every day, in addition to providing food, water, medicines and first aid for those who need it the most. At least 500 people approach our tents daily.

"The needs of people are immense and cannot be met without the support of kind donors from abroad.”


Lebanon - Beirut explosion - Lauren Khoury

Lauren Khoury, a volunteer who was on the frontline after the Beruit explosions. 

Lauren Khoury, a volunteer with Caritas Lebanon, said:

“As a volunteer, I have experienced the sufferings of the victims. If you do not sympathise with the sufferers, you can never understand their pain.

“Lebanese people, volunteers, and local non-governmental organisations are working collaboratively and non-stop, but this is not enough. The people have lost everything they had and can barely support themselves. Therefore, we need external aid to ensure that everyone receives the support they need.”

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