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Pray with CAFOD Inspired by Soon-to-be-Saint Oscar Romero

9 March 2018
Romero followers 37 anniversary march 2017

Commemorating Romero in March 2017 on the 37th anniversary of his assassination 

We are delighted!  Pope Francis has approved a miracle by Blessed Oscar Romero. This means he will be officially recognised as a saint.

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We worked with Archbishop Romero.  He used to broadcast his homilies across El Salvador every week by radio.  Many poor people at that time were murdered because they were asking for their basic rights. Romero made sure each week that people heard the truth about the violence and murders. That is why CAFOD helped to rebuild his radio station when it was bombed.

Clare Dixon, CAFOD’s Head of Region for Latin America, says, “Oscar Romero repeatedly braved death threats to condemn violence.  He was inspired by his faith to fight poverty and injustice, and to give a voice to the voiceless. Hundreds of millions of people today live in poverty or under oppressive regimes. The world desperately needs more leaders like Romero – people with the courage and faith to stand up for the poor and against injustice.”

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CAFOD works with local organisations in El Salvador today.  Together we are helping farmers to grow better crops and improve their income.  We support local people who are working for peace and human rights.

CAFOD in El Salvador