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Coronavirus Appeal: Stories of survival, hope and healing

11 March 2021
Coronavirus - Brazil - food and hygiene kits in favelas

Volunteers deliver food and hygeine kits to the most vulnerable São Paulo families.

How you are helping people affected by coronavirus around the world

As part of one of the largest aid networks in the world, our local experts work with some of the most remote and difficult-to-reach people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Because of your incredible response to our Coronavirus Appeal, these local experts have been responding to the pandemic across the world, in your name, working with some of the most vulnerable communities. While the pandemic has exacerbated many existing challenges, with your support, together we can rebuild.

Here are some of the stories of people you are helping to survive, rebuild and heal.  


Richard Sloman, CAFOD’s Programme Officer for Bangladesh, tells us how your generous donations help to change lives. During the pandemic your support has been more important than ever to help families survive.  

He shares this message with you:

“The other thing that gives me hope is the generous support and donations that people make that make this work possible. Every time I go to Bangladesh, I go to very rural communities and they’ll say to me please, please, please say thank you to the people that have given money on behalf of CAFOD. Just a huge thank you it really, really does make a huge difference.”

South Sudan

Africa - South Sudan - food distribution during EA food crisis

South Sudan has endured years of conflict, suffered a serious food crisis in 2017, and now faces coronavirus.

Ibrahim Njuguna, CAFOD’s country representative for South Sudan, explains how your support is making a difference in South Sudan. 

We are working with experts on the ground to deliver vital hygiene messages via radio. Local health volunteers have also been trained with accurate information about coronavirus, and we are delivering food to households that need to isolate.

We are also working with women’s groups to protect wives, mothers and girlfriends from the risk of domestic violence during lockdown and working to provide access to counselling and other services.

We realise that working with women has a huge impact. It will help move the country forward.



In Brazil, a new strain of the virus, collapse of the public hospitals and a shortage of supplies and oxygen has caused the death of hundreds of people.

In Manaus, the first delivery of oxygen has now arrived, bringing the ‘breath of life’ to dozens of people.