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Water stories from around the world

22 March 2022

Millions of people around the world don't have access to water for drinking, washing and farming.

But thanks to your support, we can begin to put an end to water poverty.

Here are just a few water stories from across the Caritas Church network that show the difference that access to water has made to the lives of our sisters and brothers.

Sierra Leone

See your donations in action as the villagers of Waima Ngeiya got water for the first time in 100 years!

The bridge leading to the village had collapsed, so vehicles couldn't get in or out. Your donations allowed the bridge to be rebuilt, allowing drilling trucks to get through.

This celebration at the new, working water pump was the result!


Africa - Ethiopia - Children at water pump

Children collect water from a water pump in northern Ethiopia.

The conflict in northern Ethiopia has now spread beyond Tigray, and telecommunications are down in the region, meaning that we can’t safely communicate with communites in Afar at the moment.

The continued conflict means that we have had to adapt our plans to install a water pump in Abdella’s community. Our expert partners in Ethiopia have repurposed some funds to give practical support families who have had to flee the fighting.

Before the conflict spread, your support had allowed us to use a generous grant from the Isle of Man government to install solar powered pumps in Aba’alla, Afar.

As soon as it is safe to do so, we are committed to extending this work to other Ethiopian communities like Abdella’s who are still struggling to access clean water.

Read more about the obstacles that communities in Ethiopia can face to access water


Beauty tells us of the joy she felt when a water pump was installed in her community.

With your support, and matched funding from the UK government, our incredible network of local experts and outreach workers have helped to bring water to to thousands of families in Zimbabwe, and across the globe.


Africa - Uganda - women at water pump - world water day

The local experts you support are bringing clean water closer to the families who need it.

Climate change is affecting access to water in many areas of Uganda, leading to water rationing in some places.

Where installing a water pump can be part of the solution, local outreach workers meet with whole communities to understand their needs and train nominated women and men to help maintain and repair the pump if it breaks down.


LAC - Brazil - Community kitchen garden

Farmers watering and harvesting vegetables in community kitchen gardens. 

The state of Piauí in north east Brazil is one of the poorest regions in the country. Your donations have helped to install solar panels in six communities, supporting 186 families.

These farming families are now returning to their disused land because they can now afford to water their crops and produce more nutritious food to eat.


Latin America - Peru - Indeginous women farming and saving water

Communities are learning to farm indigenous plants that need less water, including native potatoes.

Climate change is melting glaciers and making rainfall less predictable in Peru as well. 

With your support, communities are using ancestral farming practices in the Andean region - digging of irrigation channels to catch safe water when it rains, and planting indigenous trees and plants that need less water, including native potatoes. 

They are also learning modern techniques to monitor the quality and quantity of the water in their water basins, which is used for drinking, raising crops and for livestock.

Read more about the right to clean water in Peru


Latin America - Nicaragua - Farmer with solar powered irrigation system to water crops

Olga farms crops to feed her family and has been trained to use a solar powered irrigation system. 

Extreme weather in Nicaragua is causing droughts, floods and landslides, which can reduce access to safe drinking water resources, and a loss of harvests and livestock.

Olga is one of a group of farmers in northern Nicaragua who are working together as a community to grow food despite these challenges. Your donations helped to fund a solar powered irrigation system, and training in how to use it, so that Olga and her fellow farmers have a more reliable source of water for their crops.


Caritas Bangladesh COVID 19 emergency response raising awareness hand washing social distancing-17

Access to water for handwashing and hygiene is vital in the crowded conditions of the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Volunteers working for Caritas Bangladesh are promoting hygiene in the camps and your donations have also funded repairs to water pumps and clearing pathways to toilets and handwashing facilities.

Pray with us for all those who don't have access to clean water