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When your love was doubled

18 March 2022

During Lent 2018, you helped to raise a fantastic £4.7 million, which was doubled by the UK government. Since then, our local nutrition experts have been working hard to reach the most vulnerable people – children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mums and older members of the community – and ensure they’re getting a good meal.

Through your love we have been able to reach 299,842 people across Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia, supporting them with advice on good nutrition and how to become more resilient to changes in the climate.

Thank you for your donations

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we are able to provide shelter for expectant mothers in Zimbabwe. With the help of the hardworking Sisters and staff at Mtora Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, the hospital now has a ward for pregnant mothers with lots of well-spaced beds and solar lights.

The Mtora shelter in Gokwe Zimbabwe opened in July 2021 and provides a safe place for women to come when they’re nearing their due date. Two thirds of the mothers involved in this project have been supported to breastfeed their babies.

Africa - Zimbabwe - Nutrition Garden - 29696

Fiona with onions and greens in the nutrition garden near Mtora Hospital, Gokwe.

Before, people were struggling to eat nutritious food. Thanks to your support, local experts have been able to give cooking demonstrations that have helped people learn how to cook healthy meals, handle food safely and consider the nutritional needs of their family.

In Zambia, your donations have helped communities to get safe, drinking water through pipes near their homes.  The project has also spread water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) behaviour across 37,789 households.

Despite some major disruptions - through coronavirus, drought and conflict - the project has been a huge success, thanks to your life-changing donations. It really has shown the power of love. Thank you!