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Statement: CAFOD calls for vaccine patent waiver as G7 health ministers meet

3 June 2021

3 June 2021 

As the G7 Health Ministers meeting begins, charity CAFOD urges world leaders to support a vaccine patent waiver, so the whole world can access COVID-19 vaccines.

Aisha Dodwell, CAFOD's Head of Campaigns, said: 

“The challenge now for the G7 is to get the world vaccinated against COVID-19. CAFOD are urging the G7 to make this a reality by supporting a patent waiver so that the vaccine technology can be shared globally. 

"They must also share the billions of doses being hoarded by rich countries and finance vaccine roll out programmes, including COVAX.

“This is not about charity. This is about avoiding countless more deaths and ensuring everyone in the world has the right to healthcare regardless of where they live.”