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Advent calendar 2023 - 13 December

Daniyal* sits outside his house.

Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Stressed. Exhausted. Drained. Burnt out. At some point we all feel fatigued and over-burdened. So Jesus invites us to come and find rest in his gentle and humble heart. 

As we come close to Jesus and learn from him, we can, in turn, be attentive to our weary and heavy-laden sisters and brothers. 

Daniyal* is a farmer in Afghanistan. As the climate has grown harsher with longer droughts, it has become harder and harder for him to provide food for his family. They were down to eating only one meal a day. Now, with access to our cash assistance programme, he explains that things have changed: “The burden has been lifted slightly and I can support them.” 

This Advent let’s join with our sisters and brothers in working and praying for the day when all people can set down their burdens and live life in all its fullness.

*Name changed to protect his identity. 

Advent prayer

Gentle God,
you invite me to come to you
and receive your rest.
Teach me your way of love,
so I can help lift the burdens of others.


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