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Advent calendar 2023 - 16 December

Omar* gathering wood.

O, Lord, rouse up your might, O Lord, come to our help.

Psalm 79:2

We can all recognise the psalmist’s prayer for God’s aid. It is a cry that has echoed throughout the ages amongst those in distress and still resounds around our world. 

Omar* and his family  in a remote, mountainous part of Afghanistan. It can get as cold as -25°C in the mountains, and heavy snowfall often leaves communities isolated. Omar’s village did everything they could to prepare for the cold winter months, but severe drought and an economic crisis have made it impossible for them to save enough food and fuel for the winter. 

“I pray that my family will not suffer as much again and will not go hungry like they did before,” Omar told us. 

This Advent, let us open our ears to the cry of those who are in distress, and respond in solidarity in whatever way we can. 

*Name changed to protect his identity 

Advent prayer

Faithful God,
you hear all those who cry out to you.
Move us, inspire us and work through us.
Help us to play our part in your loving response
to those who are vulnerable.


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