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Lent calendar 13 March

Tekon and Vivian stand in front of his boat, painted with the family motto.

He is close to all who call him, who call on him from their hearts.

Psalm 144:18

The psalms often remind us that God is always with us. Whenever we call, God will answer. It can be comforting to know that we are not alone. That no matter what we face, God is there.

The fishermen with whom we work in Liberia have a strong faith. They go out onto the dangerous seas, not knowing whether they will catch anything or whether they will even make it home again.

Vivian tells us about her fears for her husband Tekon:

“If it is really stormy – the wind is blowing away roofs and Tekon must go fishing – I don’t allow him to go. His life is more important to me than this business. We will find a way to survive that day.”

But Tekon adds:

“We just pray – a short prayer – and we say our family motto: ‘Godere’. It means God is there. God is ahead. I’m leaving my home. God is going to help me and provide safety… I go to sea, I set my mind on the fact that God is ahead of me. I will meet God ahead of me.”

Let us try to remember today that whatever challenges we are facing, God is there. Let us follow Tekon’s example and pray simply. Calling on God from our hearts to be close to us and guide us on the right path.


God, who is always there for us, hear us as we call to you. Watch over and protect us and be with us always, as we try to be there for one another during difficult times. Amen.


Pray with us today our Family Fast Day prayer inspired by Christ’s relationship with the fishermen.