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14 March

The ‘Women for Peace’ in Nigeria gather to listen to and discuss a radio programme on living together.

Do not disappoint us; treat us gently as you yourself are gentle and very merciful.

Daniel 3:42

In today’s first reading, set in the midst of Israel’s exile, we hear a humble and sincere confession of sin, coupled with great confidence in God’s gentleness and mercy.

Contrast this to the forgiven debtor in today’s gospel reading. His heart has not been changed by the amazing generosity of his master. Instead, he unrelentingly pursues a tiny debt owed him by another man – he has learned nothing.

Each day we have the opportunity to break cycles of resentment and retaliation. We can choose to remember the debts that we have been forgiven and resolve to forgive in turn, to make peace and to work for reconciliation.

In Nigeria, a group of Christian and Muslim women have come together to promote relationships of trust and peace between communities where there is conflict. The ‘Women for Peace’ gather to listen to and discuss a radio programme called ‘Zaman Tare’, which means ‘Living Together’.

Katima Abdullahi, a Muslim member, speaks to the positive impact of the group, saying:“Christians and Muslims now live in peace and understand each other's religion, we celebrate the festive period together. We hope for this association to continue until it gets to our children.”

We pray for peace in our own hearts and in our world, so that all our human family can flourish.

Lent prayer

Merciful God,
thank you for your gentle forgiveness.
Grant me the grace to live a life
that radiates peace.


Pray for the gift of peace to bless us all, especially those who are facing conflict.