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Lent calendar- 19 February

Fishermen in Liberia share the good fishing places and help one another.

You must love your neighbour as yourself.

Leviticus 19:18

God gives Moses a long list of instructions for how the people should treat each other. They are not to be deceitful, or steal. They must pay labourers fairly. They are not to bear a grudge, slander one another or endanger one another.

At the very end of the reading, all of these instructions are boiled down to one simple instruction: “You must love your neighbour as yourself.”

James lives in New Kru Town in Liberia, and this is what he says of his neighbours:

“The town provides a way of giving when you don’t have anything. If you need something, a person will help you and you will pay them back later.”

James and his fellow fishermen do not keep the good fishing places secret. They share tips on the best places to go. They help one another if they get into difficulty on the water.

As James says, “It’s important to help each other out, because if I help you today, you will help me tomorrow. If God blesses you today, he will bless someone else tomorrow.”

Let us all try to be good neighbours to one another this Lent.


God of all, fill us with your unending grace and lead us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Amen.


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