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22 March

Illustration, featuring Rupali and Dristy, by Nashreen Jahan Nasir.

They will never again hunger or thirst, scorching wind shall never plague them; for he who pities them will lead them and guide them to springs of water.

Isaiah 49:10 

On this World Water Day, we listen to the prophet Isaiah’s beautiful evocation of restoration and hope. It’s a vision of a God who is very close to his people, consoling them and leading them to life-giving springs of water.

Water is basic to human survival, needed not only for drinking daily but also for sanitation, healthcare, agriculture, and industry. However extreme weather events, caused by the climate crisis, are making water more scarce, more unpredictable, more polluted or all three. Too little rain and too much rain have already impacted communities around the world.

Rupali, a smallholder in Bangladesh, explains the effect it has on her village:

“There’s also the issue of it being hotter than it was before. When that happens, we have a lot of trouble with water, especially if the smaller ponds dry up… Many families… have to cut down on other expenses to have the money to spend on drinking water. Almost everyone here is in the habit of collecting rainwater during monsoon season for drinking. We boil it before we drink it, but even then, we cannot call it safe.”

On this World Water Day, we pray that all our sisters and brothers throughout the world may have enough clean water to quench their thirst.


We praise and thank you Lord, for the gift of water.
May we always value it and ensure it is shared
with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.


Find family prayer ideas on the theme of water for busy parents to share with their children on our website. Let the parents in your life know or use the ideas with your own children.

The gift of water

We thank God for the gift of water, reflect on water in the Bible and pray for those who long for clean water for their family.