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Lent calendar 24 March

70,000 Catholics showed their solidarity with Salina, a small-scale farmer from Bangladesh.

And those who went before and those who followed cried out, ‘Hosanna!’

Mark 11:9

On Palm Sunday we hear two gospels. First, Jesus’ triumphant arrival into Jerusalem. Second, his arrest, condemnation and death on the cross.

Outwardly these two stories might not have much in common. But in both of them the crowd has an important role to play in God’s plan. In the first they shout ‘Hosanna’ - praising Christ, and asking God to save them. This shows the Jewish authorities just how important a figure Jesus has become. In the second, they shout ‘Crucify him!’, forcing Pilate to release Barabbas instead.

One voice, raised in opposition or support, does not always make much difference. But together, many voices, united in one cry, can change the minds of those who hold power, whether for good or evil.

Last year over 70,000 Catholics in England and Wales signed a letter in solidarity with small-scale farmer Salina from Bangladesh who is fighting for the right to use and save her own seeds. CAFOD campaigners took the letter to the World Bank to call on them to stop pushing policies that increase corporate control over seeds and limit the choices of farmers like Salina.

Let us remember the difference we can make when we band together. Let us raise our voices and make them heard, as we speak out for what we know to be right. Let us add our voices to those of our brothers and sisters throughout the world who are calling for change and an end to poverty and injustice.


Lord God, grant us the courage to raise our voices to call for change and a fairer world for all your people. Amen.


With 2.4 billion people having no access to food, the World Bank is clearly not doing its job. For its 80th anniversary, let’s come together to share with the World Bank one single birthday wish: to bring back seeds into the hands of farmers.

Call for change