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4 April

Moyori Mistri, 19, is a college student who lives with her parents in an eco-village in Bangladesh.

It is you, O Lord, who are my hope, my trust O Lord since my youth.

Psalm 70:5

As Holy Week continues, the psalmist reminds us of the hope we have in the Lord.

Nineteen-year-old Moyori lives with her family in an eco-village in southern Bangladesh. She is a member of the NextGen group, meeting with other young adults to discuss the climate, the environment, natural disasters and how to farm in harmony with nature.

Despite the challenges of unpredictable weather, storms and cyclones that the climate crisis has brought to where she lives, Moyori remains hopeful that world leaders and others will be able to work together to preserve the planet.

“To all the people who are working to save the environment, I want to tell them that they are doing a lot of good. We also want to talk to them and learn from them, so that hopefully we can all work together towards the same goal one day.”

Moyori’s eco-village, where people work in unity to create a more resilient future, is a real sign of hope. Let’s choose to be attentive to such signs of hope and seeds of justice in the world. And let’s use our hope to participate in the just transformation of the world, knowing that God is with us as we do so.

Lent prayer

God of hope,
strengthen our hearts in times of discouragement.
Give us a spirit of perseverance,
so we may bring to life your love and justice.


Help create a more hopeful future for young people like Moyori. Stand in solidarity with small scale farmers whose seed rights are under threat. Find out more and take action.

Fix the food system

The global food system is broken. It doesn’t work for those who work the hardest – small farmers – and it’s a major driver of the climate emergency.