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5 April

Ten-year-old Rahki loves stories.

The Lord has given me a disciple’s tongue. So that I may know how to reply to the wearied he provides me with speech. Every morning he wakes me up to listen like a disciple.

Isaiah 50:4

What a beautiful vision of discipleship we have at the beginning of the first reading today. The disciple is a teacher, who sustains the weary with their words, and yet is also a student who is awakened each morning to listen to the Lord.

We can perhaps all remember those who have been good teachers for us, and the influence they have had on our lives. Ten-year-old Rahki loves her school in southern Bangladesh. She loves running and playing with her friends and she loves to learn.

Most of all she loves stories. She shares one with us: “A farmer who planted a lot of trees in his garden, and then a mouse came and ate away at the stems at the base. The farmer came and saw this, and he was pretty sad. But then he came and planted all the seeds again.”

Rahki’s story humorously underlines the importance of perseverance, a quality we can see so clearly in Jesus as we walk this final week with him.

This time of Holy Week is also a teacher. As we again enter the story of Jesus betrayal, arrest, condemnation and crucifixion what lessons will we learn?

Lent prayer

Gentle teacher,
help me to listen to your voice,
and to learn from your example.
May I grow in understanding and love,
so my words sustain the weary
and bring others closer to you.


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