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7 April

A cross in the Swiss mountains.

Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

It can seem strange to call this day ‘Good’ as we recall Jesus mocked, beaten and nailed to a cross. As we reflect on our Saviour’s passion and death, we are invited to look also at the suffering of our world. At the hatred, violence, injustice, environmental damage and division that we may often avoid confronting.

And as we reflect, we can perhaps see more clearly what makes this Friday ‘Good’. When we look at the Cross we can see, amidst the brokenness of our world, the persistent love of God. God enters our wounded world and shows his compassionate solidarity with all who suffer. God is in it with us.

This Good Friday we are invited to a deep solidarity with our suffering Saviour and alongside him, our suffering world. We can bring both our personal losses and griefs and those of our world to this place of redeeming love.

And as we grieve the suffering and loss around us, we can commit to working for a better future, confident that God is with us as we do.

Good Friday prayer

Compassionate God,
you understand what it is to be human,
and are with us in times of suffering.
May we be witnesses
to your great love for the world
revealed in the cross.


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