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Be inspired to pray the rosary with your family, on your own or with a group. 

Use our resources to help you reflect on the joyful and luminous mysteries as well as themes of hunger, poverty and creation as you pray.

At this time we offer these luminous mysteries of the rosary for the people of Sudan, as we pray that the light of Jesus may be felt by our sisters and brothers there and ask Mary to be beside us as we act in solidarity with those fleeing violence and facing famine.

Rosary resources

Joyful mysteries: care of creation

Use these joyful mysteries, on your own or in your parish or community, to reflect, pray and renew your commitment to care for the earth.

Luminous mysteries: hunger

We offer these luminous mysteries, uplifted by our faith in Jesus, Light of the World, and nourish our commitment to tackle the causes of hunger in our world.

Sorrowful mysteries: for consolation

As we offer these sorrowful mysteries, we pray for consolation for all in our world who are affected by conflict, natural disaster, hunger, thirst and fear.

Glorious mysteries: for a world renewed

In the glorious mysteries we find a profound assurance that God is and will be victorious over all forms of injustice, suffering and death. We pray we may play our part in the renewal of the world.

Rosary with children

Pray the rosary together as a family using our short meditations on the glorious mysteries.


Pray the rosary with us online

Join us on Zoom every Thursday morning at 9am as we pray the rosary together as a CAFOD community.