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Clouds in the Sky

Celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord with your family.

We hope that these ideas will inspire your family prayer time as we celebrate how, forty days after his resurrection, Jesus returned to heaven.

Cloud watching

A cloud took him from their sight

Acts 1:9

If the weather allows, go outside, put a blanket on the ground and spend some time together looking up at the clouds. You might want to download a cloud spotter’s guide or app and see how many different types of clouds you can identify. Perhaps you could see what shapes you can see in the clouds.  

Read Acts 1:1-11 and discuss the reading. You could use these prompts to get started: 

How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus ascended into heaven? 

What promise does Jesus give his friends? 

How can you be witnesses to Jesus? What can you do to make his love present in our world today? 

Going up 

Can you make something to eat that has to rise? Why not try our Ethiopian honey yeast bread?

Fly a kite

In some countries there is a tradition of flying a kite to celebrate the feast of the Ascension. Why not make it a family tradition too?

After your kite flying take some time to reflect on Jesus in the glory of heaven. We know that Jesus is now at the right hand of Father, preparing a place for us and praying for us all there.

Take some time to think of situations in the world and people that you want to ask Jesus to intercede for.

Follow our easy instructions to make a paper bag kite

You will receive power 

Jesus promises his friends they will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them. In the nine days between Jesus’ ascension and the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost, the disciples gathered to pray and prepare for the gift they were to receive. This is often considered the first novena. 

If you’d like to pray a family novena for the next nine days to prepare for Pentecost, you could use Your Spirit. O Lord, is on me by CAFOD’S Martin Brown:

or this short prayer each day: 

Come Holy Spirit 
Rest on us. 
Guide, encourage and strengthen us, 
so that your life may grow here 
and we may overflow with your love. 

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