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Behold the woman that I am
so many would say that I am weak.
Yet I know they are wrong
For I know me more than what others will say!

The weakness they see is the strength I have in me.
I can cry and I can laugh freely
I can sing and dance anytime of the day.
This freedom in me is because
I am a woman born to be free.

Will I heed to what others would say?
Will I allow people to control me?
Never would I let it be, I pray


We ask for the blessing of the Spirit of Brightness, the Spirit of Shalom. Make us whole, make us gentle. Help us to be consistent bearers of light and life to all the people we serve.

We ask for the blessing of the Spirit of Integrity. Give us the strength and courage to continue to support and be a sign of hope to the bruised women and children because of the experience of abuse.

We ask for the Spirit of Clarity. Make us channels of coolness, cleansing and growth. Open our eyes and make our hearts be compassionate to our fellow travellers in this world, especially to the women and children carrying their painful but sacred stories in life.

We ask for the blessing of the Spirit of Transformation. Help us to grow in love; to trust in ourselves; to create a safe and caring environment and community.

By Sabakan, a Diocesan Ministry to women in the Philippines

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