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Prayers on the theme of climate change, environment and creation from around the world. 

The gift of life


We’re so thankful for the gift of life, the gift of creation and your tender care in every aspects of our lives, every day.

You have lovingly organised the heavens, the earth and all they contain in order to generously fulfil our needs and provide safety to your creation;

May you fill us with humility, wisdom and strength to administer our needs and wants so that - as heirs of the gift of life together with the whole of your creation – the privilege you have granted us to enjoy the offerings of your work stands in agreement with the responsibility you have given us to care for it, in accordance to your divine order.

May we grow in consciousness of the impact of our deeds, in time and space, on the infinitely small and the infinitely big in our day to day interactions with one another and with your creation.

May we not give in to fear of earthly uncertainties and their compulsion to amass earthly goods for ourselves but grow confident in your willingness and endless ability to protect us and generously provide for our every need while life shall last and, hence, grow in communion with you and in joy and happiness in sharing with one another. 

We make this our humble prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,


By Moise Liboto Makuta, CAFOD’s Country Representative for Niger

Wonders of your creation

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the wonders of your creation.

Thank you for guiding us, leading us, protecting us, developing us since the beginning of the creation till now.

Make us grow in the awareness of the urgency of safeguarding and developing the wonders of your creations

and take a concrete response to it.

Help us to live and work harmoniously with your creation. 

Protect us from all dangers and destruction.


By Father Henry Eikhlein, Diocesan Programme Coordinator from Pathein Diocese in Myanmar

A shared vision

God of hope,

Bless all people and embrace us with your abundant grace for working together in the journey to heal the earth. 

We pray for your wisdom, sympathy and creativity to take meaningful actions with a shared vision for the common good of all creation.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ,


By Naw Ohnmar Shwe, Gaia Organization, Myanmar.

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