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Peru - Ecobrigade planting trees

Children from an eco-brigade in Peru planting trees to protect the land.

We are part of the intricate web of Creation. We care for the things God has made, and we also notice how God cares for us through these same things. We are challenged to delight in the natural world and consider our responsibility to nurture and protect it.

Use these ideas to inspire your family prayer time around the wonders of God's creation.

Seeds of peace

Gather some small pots, potting compost and seeds - sunflowers, lettuce, radish and cress are all good easy to grow choices.

Reflect together on the power of a seed. A tiny seed, if given water and light, can move soil many, many times its own weight. We should never underestimate the power of a seed.

One of Jesus' followers, James, wrote:

"Those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness." (James 3:18)

Think together about some of the situations in the world where God's peace is needed.

Think about, and thank God for, those people who bring peace.

Then plant your seeds as a prayer for peace and a commitment to allowing the goodness of your lives to grow. 

Snapshot of creation

These prompts are designed to help your family appreciate God's creation and pray together through photography. You may wish to take the photographs together or choose to do them individually and come together to discuss the images.

There are seven prompts so you may wish to take one for each day of the week and come together to pray and talk about the photographs at the end of the day.

God's masterpiece

Make a frame out of four sticks or four strips of card.

Go for a walk as a family and when you are somewhere suitable, put the frame down onto the ground. How many different plants, flowers and insects can you see within the frame? Can you find out the names of any that you don't know?

Try moving the frame to another location and see what you find there.

Each person may like to choose one small object to explore in more detail. Look at it, touch it, and wonder about it. Write down your thoughts on this sheet, or discuss together some things that you notice.

Give thanks to God for the wonders of creation and pray that we may all be inspired to work together to protect the earth our common home. You could use the prayer on the sheet or one of your own.

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