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O God, you are our light in the darkness.
To you we cry out for help
when nowhere feels safe
and the waters rise.
You are our rock, our refuge, our help.

Light the way now
in this time of distress, grief and pain.
Wipe away the tears of those who mourn.
Bring hope to those who despair.

Encourage your people
to stand firm amidst the destruction.
Protect those left homeless, hungry and hurt.
Grant sustenance and shelter to all in need.

Strengthen the weary,
those working to search, rescue and recover.
Comfort the broken-hearted,
with those who bring healing and solace.

Work through us now and help us
each to do what little we can
so no one feels abandoned, forgotten, alone
in the darkness and chaos of life.

And as the glare of the spotlight dims with time,
keep the light of your love shining brightly in us,
inspiring us to continue working together
so that hope may dawn again.