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Peace is the resulting action on an agreement to end a war.

Peace is the mutual laying down of weapons.

Peace is the worldwide cessation of armament production.

Peace is the reconciliation between adversaries.

Peace is the change of hearts and minds of people who wage war.

Peace is the smile of the refugee housed following exile from home.

Peace is the satisfaction in the face of a hungry child just fed.

Peace is the return to boyhood of a child soldier.

Peace is the respect for women and their equal rights as human beings.

Peace is the just, merciful and compassionate use of power by the powerful.

Peace is the empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalised people.

Peace is the healing arrived at through truth and reconciliation commissions.

Peace is the mutual respect of people of all faiths and none.

Help us, Lord, to continue to strive for peace in all of its forms.


Prayer: Trevor Stockton/CAFOD

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