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Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador in Central America. He lived at a time of terrible oppression and violence, when many people in the church were targeted because their commitment to the poor led them to speak out against injustice.

After years of persecution and threats Romero was assassinated on 24 March 1980.

He is remembered for his courage, his faith and, above all, his great love for the poor. "Many", he said, "would like the poor to keep on saying it is God’s will for them to live that way. But it is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing. That cannot be of God."

Oscar Romero’s memory is a source of strength and encouragement for millions of people throughout the world. Jon Sobrino SJ said "He was a guiding light for his people…as pastor, as shepherd, and as teacher."

Short Oscar Romero prayer

May the courage of Oscar Romero inspire us to work with integrity for an end to violence and poverty.


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