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For the people and land from which refugees have fled, may there be peace and reconciliation between people and nations.

That strangers, refugees and those who seek asylum may find a welcome among us.

We pray for all who make our laws and administer justice: may the God of justice be their guide.

We pray for those who minister to the vulnerable and broken people, especially the homeless and displaced: that they may show God's welcoming love.

We often feel powerless in the face of crushing poverty, injustice and violence in our world: we ask for the courage to reach out to victims of injustice and poverty.

Lord, you bestow on us the gift of your Spirit in our lives to sustain our wavering hope. Accept the prayers we make from the fullness of our hearts, and grant the requests we make with confidence in you.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Prayers: Brentwood Diocese Refugee Week

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