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Social Media Ambassador

Social media helps us to create awareness, we are able to reach millions of people to stand for what we believe in. Together, we can achieve remarkable things.

Through your support you are saving lives and helping us to ensure that no one is beyond reach of the love and care they need. 

As a CAFOD Social Media Ambassador you will help promote and spread the word of the great work of CAFOD. 

Throughout the year, you will receive challenges and creatives to share on your social media channels. You can share them with your own message, but we will also provide prewritten messaging for those who don’t feel confident. 

Through this opportunity we will provide willing ambassadors with training, supervision and mentoring. You can work completely flexibly, remotely and at whatever times suits you. We hope that you will feel inspired by CAFOD’s work to promote and share our message, as well as contributing creative ideas to help grow the CAFOD brand.