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Understanding CAFOD's core competencies

When you apply for a vacancy at CAFOD, we focus largely on how you demonstrate the various competencies for a specific job.

In the job description, you will see a list of 11 core core competencies (listed to the right) as well as job-specific competencies, which usually are of a technical nature. All of these skills are essential, so you will need to illustrate with examples in your application how you meet them. We encourage you to be as concise and specific as possible, using real life examples that clearly exemplify your role. You do not need to address each competency separately - you are welcome to group them if you have examples that cover several of them at once.


Some of the competencies might also have job-specific indicators linked to them, which implies that you would need to address these indicators more in-depth (one example could be "Fluency in Portuguese").

Underneath the essential competencies, there is usually a list of desirable competencies for the post. These can be useful to address - although focus should lie with the essential ones.


At the bottom of the Person Specification, there is a spidergram which indicates at which level we expect the successful candidate to be able to demonstrate the competencies. The three levels are (1) Being effective; (2) Excelling and (3) Leading the way.

The various levels indicate how effective we expect the successful candidate to be for each competency. If you wish to read about example indicators for each level, we recommend that you have a look at Taking action, which goes through all of the above and much more.

Note that job-specific competencies are not listed with levels; instead, these are either essential or desirable.