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COP28 agreement on fossil fuels

COP28 agreement on fossil fuels

For the first time, all governments have formally acknowledged the world must move away from fossil fuels.

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People all over the planet are already experiencing the effects of the climate emergency, from more frequent and severe storms and floods to historic droughts and food crises.  

These changes are hitting hardest the communities that have contributed the least to causing the crisis. 

We need leaders to act

Our CAFOD family has a long history of calling for protection for our common home.

We are calling on world leaders to:

  • Fix our food system and its connections to the climate crisis.

  • Finance the fight against the climate crisis.

  • Stop supporting the fossil fuels that are driving the climate crisis.

Climate crisis news


"The earth is crying out to us and needs us"

Poverty and the threat of violence cast a shadow over childhood in Colombia but one woman is training young people to advocate for their communities, work for peace and safeguard the Amazon.

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We can all work to protect our common home and reach vulnerable communities to work with them in places most at risk from the climate crisis. 

Emergency Response Team

Earthquakes, conflict, floods and droughts devastate lives. But with you in our team, we can provide a fast emergency response.

Weatherproof Crops

Choose a virtual gift like Weatherproof crops that can help communities cope with the effects of the climate crisis 

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Pray for the care of creation

Find prayers to inspire you to give thanks for God's gift of creation, all people and creatures, to lament the climate crisis that we are facing, and to renew your commitment to care for the earth and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.