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Africa - Ethiopia - Alem Assefa with crops

Our irrigation project is helping families in drought-prone northern Ethiopia grow food despite the dry conditions.

CAFOD's work in Ethiopia includes work with farmers, and supporting families and malnourished children.

Why CAFOD works in Ethiopia

Food insecurity remains a concern in Ethiopia. Most Ethiopians rely on farming and cattle herding to feed their families and make a living, but increasing droughts, irregular rains and poor soil mean crops and livestock are suffering. Many families simply don't have enough to eat.

The armed conflict which broke out between regional government and federal government in the Tigray region in November 2020 forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes in search of safety, and put millions of people in need of urgent and long-term support. Through local Church and aid agencies, CAFOD was able to respond to this crisis by providing emergency food, shelter, psychosocial support, and support health clinics and pharmacies.

With your donations we were also able to raise awareness and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Our work in Ethiopia

We continue to provide longer-term support to the people of Ethiopia, which includes the provision of seeds, cash transfers and educational materials.

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What we do

CAFOD is the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

With your help, we reach out to people living in hard-to-reach places, in war zones and those who are discriminated against.