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Africa - Liberia - Sewing class in Monrovia

Women in a tailoring class run by our local experts, in the Liberian capital Monrovia

Liberia has been devastated by years of civil war. We work with young people to help them build a life during peacetime, against a background of extreme poverty.

Why does CAFOD work in Liberia?

Liberia's 14-year civil war ended in 2003, but killed 200,000, made a million people homeless, turned thousands of children into soldiers, and left a legacy of division.

Eighty per cent of Liberia's 5 million people live below the poverty line, and the country is heavily dependent on foreign aid. The country also suffered from an outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014.

Our work in Liberia

When the deadly Ebola virus struck Liberia, we were on the frontline fighting the virus.

Through our network of local experts, we reached marginalised and vulnerable people with life-saving prevention information, hygiene kits, and food to quarantined and vulnerable families.

Our team also raised hygiene awareness in local communities, provided safe and dignified burials, and training for communities. 

This experience of Ebola, and our trusted relationships with local leaders, mean that we can make sure life-saving messages are heard and support is available to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Lent calendar 23 February

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