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We are delighted to share with you a little more about your LiveSimply Award plaque.

The plaques are made from acacia wood grown from a sustainable source, from a FSC certified organisation with a commitment to sustainability, their employees and their local community.

Our plaques are hand finished by artisans in Cambodia. The artisans attended a training centre (which was run by the Jesuit Fathers, one of CAFOD’s partners in Cambodia) which enabled them to discover and develop creative talent and practical skills. The artisans featured here chose sculpting. This skill now enables the artisans, living with disabilities, to earn their own income, and producing the LiveSimply plaques is just one aspect of their work. They are able to work from their own homes and some of the artisans now have their own workshops.

Our thanks to the artisans for their kind permission to share their videos and photos of our LiveSimply plaques being made.