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Support CAFOD through the year by spreading the word about what we do and organising fun events.

Why choose CAFOD?

Poverty is not part of God’s plan. We work in more than 40 countries seeking local solutions to end poverty and injustice. But none of our work is possible without you, so join us today and put your faith into action.

How do we spend your money?

Out of every £1 we spend, about 82p goes on vital emergency relief and development work in the world’s poorest communities. Around 8p is used for education, advocacy and campaigning work, to tackle the injustice that keeps people in poverty. The amount we spend generating funds - around 10p - is one of the lowest compared to other charities. A summary of last year's income and spending is in the graphic below.

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CAFOD's 2020-21 income and expenditure

CAFOD's 2020-21 income and expenditure

How can your school get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved with CAFOD. Support us through the year by spreading the word about what we do, organising fun fundraising events, taking part in our campaigns and keeping in touch with us on social media. Feel free to contact us at if you'd like any support.

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  • Explore our Catholic school resources to raise awareness, fundraise, campaign and pray

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