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Homework help and revision tips for KS3 and GCSE on CAFOD and global justice. What does CAFOD stand for? Who does CAFOD help? How does CAFOD spend its money?

What is CAFOD?

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. We believe that poverty is not part of God’s plan. In more than 40 countries, we seek local solutions to end poverty and injustice.



Learn about the major causes of global poverty and what is being done to end it.

Poverty causes and effects (ppt, 3mb)
What are the SDGs? Video
Poverty factsheet 2018 (pdf, 528kb)

Climate change

Find out why climate change is a poverty issue and how you can help. 

Eyes of the World campaign for young people
Net zero factsheet (pdf, 790kb)
Sustainable energy factsheet (pdf, 947kb)


How do we respond to communities affected by conflict?

Peace-building stories (pdf, 305kb)
Lost Family Portraits


What do we do and how do we respond when an emergency hits?

Emergency! What happens at CAFOD?
Emergencies news
Past emergencies


Learn about the issues around gender equality and poverty.

Gender justice and inclusion

Trade and Fairtrade

Find out how trade rules affect some of the poorest communities around the world.

Trade factsheet (pdf, 663kb)
Private sector


Easy-to-read factsheets about major issues facing the developing world.