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As a part of the Caritas Internationalis global Church network, CAFOD has the potential to reach everyone. We campaign for global justice, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life and reach out to people living in poverty with practical help whatever their religion or culture.

Our A-Z of fundraising is a list of exciting ways that you can get involved. So whether it's on your own, with friends or as a community, use one of our ideas or come up with your own and support our work helping to ensure that no one is beyond reach of the love and care they need.


Art show

Are you an artist? Are any of your friends? Maybe you attend an art class or perhaps you're studying art in school or college. If so, why not put on an art show to raise money for people living in poverty overseas? You could charge an entry fee or just ask for donations. You could even sell some of your works to raise extra funds!

If you're looking for inspiration, you can check out the 'Giving in Unity' art exhibition, an art show and sale by CAFOD supporters held last summer at our head office.


Online or in person – hold a fundraising auction! There are various sites where you can set up an online auction for charity. You could also donate a percentage (or all) of the funds raised from selling anything unwanted through a CAFOD eBay auction and de-clutter for CAFOD!


Bake off! 

One of our most popular fundraising event ideas! You could do a stall after Mass, a stand at a school fair, or even a lunch hour in your workplace. And if you have any showstopper cakes you could auction them to the highest bidder!

Whatever you choose to make, share your creations on social media, and make sure you tag @CAFOD. Get your friends, family and colleagues to make things as well – some people just love the chance to bake!

Cakes image

Sometimes the old ideas are the best!


Search online for fun bingo squares or make your own and charge a fee per game. It couldn't be simpler!

Bring and buy sale

Sell donated goods or World Gifts on a stall. Visit our World Gifts online shop to order your FREE World Gifts catalogue, or find your own treats to sell; cakes, home-made biscuits, Fairtrade goodies or anything you like!



Get in touch with your own Celtic roots or take this opportunity to experience another culture by putting on a Ceilidh in your community. Charge an entry fee, provide food and drink (or encourage people to bring their own) and get ready for an evening of good company, good laughs and, of course, some traditional Celtic dancing.


Is it your birthday or anniversary this year? Why not set up a CAFOD Celebration Fund to mark your occasion? It’s a great way to reduce waste from material gifts and share your joy and gratitude with communities around the world.

Climate Crisis challenges 

How can you try to live greener this year? Maybe you could reduce your consumption by buying less of the things you don't need, buy local where you can or limit your food waste. Help save our beautiful planet and if focusing on simpler, cleaner and greener living saves you money, you could donate what you've saved to CAFOD to help those suffering with the damages of climate change so far.

Visit our Go Green challenges for a great place to start!

Coffee Morning

Hold a coffee morning with your friends and family - catch up over a cup of tea or coffee and help communities around the world! Our downloadable guide is full of tips and ways to make your coffee morning a success - all of which can be adapted for a virtual event!

Cooking for CAFOD

Fancy yourself to be a bit of a foodie? Share your cooking know-how with others by offering cooking classes. Maybe you have a favourite food from your culture or a signature dish that's always a crowd-pleaser or maybe it's time to finally share that secret family recipe! Charge a small fee to your pupils or ask them for donations.

Feeling competitive? Turn it into a cooking competition. Challenge your friends to make the best version of your dish or something of their own and see how much money you can raise to support CAFOD's work.

Guess the weight of the cake

Games like this are a great way to turn your parish coffee morning into a fundraiser!



Do that big clear out you've been putting off and, while you're at it, why not turn your spring cleaning into an opportunity to help others? Simplify your life and give back by decluttering and selling anything in reasonable condition on eBay or a similar platform, with some or all of the proceeds going to CAFOD!

Dinner Party

Wine and dine your friends and family for a good cause by hosting a dinner party for CAFOD. Treat them to a night of good food, good drink and good company and see how much you can raise. During these summer months, why not dine al fresco? Fire up the barbie, and ask for a donation per plate.

Dust off your dancing shoes!

Time to put your best foot forward and do a danceathon at home. Pick a time, get your playlist ready and keep dancing! Get sponsored, post pictures and videos online or stream the whole thing live.


Emergency Food

This amazing World Gift can make a life-saving difference to a family in urgent need, by providing food to a family who have nothing to eat following an emergency. Buy it yourself or club together with you friends, family or classmates. Either way, you'll be making a huge difference to people in desperate need.

Exercise Challenge

What's your favourite way to exercise? Whether it's running, skipping or hula-hooping you can turn your passion into a way to raise money for CAFOD's work with vulnerable communities. Test your limits and get family and friends to sponsor you per mile/skip/minute or set yourself a daily challenge and see how long you can keep it up. If you don't currently exercise then it's a great opportunity to start! Challenge a family member or friend to see who gives in first.


Facebook fundraising

Do you have a Facebook account? Is your birthday coming up? Instead of getting presents this year, why not ask for donations to CAFOD? You can fundraise for loads of different things through Facebook and it's simple and easy to set up.

Fancy dress

Dressing up is always fun! Pick a theme and ask your school or workplace to hold a dress-up day for CAFOD! Ask for sponsorship and see how much you could raise. 

Or - how about trying it as a family, post pictures and videos online and ask people to join you and donate. You could make it an online event, competition or a challenge, and set up a JustGiving page.

Footie Fundraiser - Euro's 2024

With the Men's Euro tournament well under way this summer, get in on the footie fun by hosting your very own football fundraiser! You could set up your own Euro's tournament, have a penalty shoot out or see how many 'keepie-uppies' you can do! 

If you don't fancy playing football, why not host a Euro's watch party? Invite your friends and family over to watch a game, provide some tasty snacks and charge an entry fee per person.

Free fundraising

Sign up for Give as you live or Savoo and you can give a donation to CAFOD every time you shop!

Gaming for Good

Gaming marathon for CAFOD