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Give a gift today to help people facing the climate crisis

This Lent, you can help families around the world to cope with the climate crisis. Communities are losing loved ones, their homes and their crops through no fault of their own. The people we serve are determined to adapt and they need your help now to get the tools and training they tell us they need.

Bangladesh is one of the countries most at risk from the effects of the climate crisis. Families in the coastal region are finding it more difficult to recover every time a devastating cyclone or flood hits their village.

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The climate crisis: Dristy and Rupali are fighting back

Dristy is 14 years old and a bright student. Like many people her age, she is worried about the effects the climate crisis is having on her life. She can remember every cyclone that has torn through her village and every flood that has destroyed precious crops.

I hear the grown-ups talking and they say that the cyclones are much worse now.


Without help, this amazing girl would not be able to cope with the year-on-year destruction she sees.

Dristy and Rupali are stronger now than ever because they received the training from our local experts, that they told us they need. This is thanks to donations from people like you.

There are many more people like them that are asking for help to fight back against the climate crisis – and your donations can make a massive difference.

Growing a future

Rupali – Dristy’s mother – works side by side with Dristy, teaching her crucial skills like building seed beds that won’t get flooded and what trees to plant to protect the village from cyclones. She does this because she has the tools and training she told us she needed.

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