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In our Every Second Counts Half-Year Report we share examples of the work achieved through your donations between April and September 2023.

Every Second Counts - Half Year Report 2023 Ukraine

Depaul Ukraine providing emergency assistance to communities affected by the war in Ukraine.

Download the Every Second Counts Half-Year Report 2023

Every Second Counts Half-Year Report 2023

Thank you for making Every Second Count

Thank you for reaching out to communities in crisis through Every Second Counts. You truly are offering a lifeline to families in the greatest need.

This year we have supported communities respond to 21 crises, including earthquakes in Morocco and Afghanistan, floods in Libya and Pakistan and conflict in Yemen, South
Sudan, Armenia, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Your support is vital

300 million people around the world will need emergency assistance to survive in 2024. Your support will help us meet those needs.

Thanks to your kindness, communities have been equipped with the tools they need to survive, to build back stronger and be prepared for future crises. 

We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. However we still need your help. Today we are faced with the ongoing effects of climate change alongside conflict and natural disaster. These multi-layered crises are complex and need your support now to help save lives.