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Euro 2024: Celebrating the unity of football at the Caritas Cup in Ukraine

3 July 2024

As we cheer on our country at Euro 2024, we’re celebrating our local Church partners’ very own football tournament in Ukraine – the Caritas Cup.

Giving children and young people a release from the trauma of conflict

Despite the conflict, the Caritas Cup tournament continues to bring children and young people together each year to play football in Ukraine. Volunteers from Caritas Ukraine encourage vulnerable children to play no matter their ability or background.

Football is a great way for children to find some release from the traumas they’ve experienced, meet new friends and learn how to overcome challenges in a fun environment.

We go to Caritas and we learn a lot of new things there. We want to win this cup. But I also want to become friends with children from other teams from other regions of Ukraine. I hope we find a common language to be able to play football together in the future.

Angelina, Caritas Cup participant

The Caritas Cup is just one of the amazing initiatives Caritas Ukraine runs in Ukraine.

Since 2014, they have been responding to the conflict by supporting vulnerable people with essential resources, from warm shelter for displaced families to psychological support in a safe space.

The Caritas Cup keeps the ball rolling for children affected by conflict. That’s why, for us, Caritas Ukraine are the champions of the Euros this summer!

What can I do to help?

We continue to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Please donate to our appeal to help support our efforts. Please pray for lasting peace and those affected by this crisis.

Read our Ukraine appeal update

Your generous contributions to CAFOD's Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal have reached thousands of vulnerable people, helping them to survive and rebuild their lives.