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Advent calendar 2023 - 1 December

Buds on a fig tree.

Think of the fig tree….as soon as you see them bud, you know that summer is now near.

Luke 21:29

In these last days of the Church’s year, just before the season of Advent begins, we are invited to be alert and watchful. Just as the emerging buds of the fig tree indicate that summer is on the way, so we too can look for signs of the kingdom. 

Jesus has just described the kinds of events that will take place before the end time: a world in crisis, disasters both natural and human-made. These images of turmoil and distress speak to the realities of our present time. We know that the world is not as it should be.  

However, we are reminded that Jesus’ call is not to anxiety and fear, but to attentiveness and faith. When we see these things, Jesus tells us, the kingdom of God is near. Even in the midst of suffering, we can work for God’s realm of justice and peace, which will be fully realised when Jesus returns in glory. 

In this time of quiet, winter darkness, as we prepare to enter the season of Advent, let’s nurture the seeds of the Kingdom and watch for a glimpse of the new buds of summer. 

Advent prayer

Loving God, 
be with us in shadows of suffering, anxiety and grief. 
Open our eyes to the signs of your coming reign, 
and our hearts to your life-giving presence. 


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Advent prayers

Pause, reflect and pray with us as we prepare for Christmas.