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CAFOD Lent reflective calendar 15 February

In Liberia, fisherman, James, sits on the boat he inherited from his father looking out to sea.

See, today I set before you life and prosperity, death and disaster.

Deuteronomy 30:15

Moses sets a stark choice before the people. They can choose life and prosperity or death and disaster. It sounds simple – who would willingly choose to place themselves in danger?

But in some situations, the choice between prosperity and disaster is not so clear cut. James is a fisherman in Liberia. He must go out to sea to earn a living for himself and his family. But the coastal waters can be very dangerous.

James remembers a recent storm: “The ocean was very rough. It took our friends from us. We got swept out far to sea.”

Some of James’ friends drowned in this storm when their boats capsized.

The readings today encourage us to put our trust in the Lord. This is not always easy. We might have times when we feel abandoned. But we are reminded today that God is always with us, leading us in the right path, even when life is difficult.

James speaks of his faith: “God comes first and then fishing… I put my boat to sea and I pray. I hope and pray that I get a good catch.” Let us join our prayers with his today.


God of life, lead us to follow you even when it is difficult. Watch over us all and protect us as we face the stormy seas of life. Guide us to support one another as we journey together. Amen.


Join in the prayer that James says before heading out to sea.