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A prayer by Liberian fisherman, James, which he says before heading out to sea each day. You can find out more about James through our Lent Appeal.

Heavenly Father, thank you this morning

For you waking us up.

It is by your grace we were able to wake up this morning

Father God, we’re about to go and look for our daily bread

Carry your children, that we will be able to come back safely

Father God, I’m asking you to direct us as you directed the Apostle Peter to throw his net on the righthand side.

Holy Spirit, as your word said knock at the door and the door will be opened unto you

Seek and ye shall receive

We are asking you this morning to guide and protect us

The canoe is in your hands, the machine (motor) is in your hands,

My crew on board are into your hands

Guide us and carry us, that we will get enough catch and come back.

We don’t have anything to give you but to glorify your name

Through Jesus’ Mighty Name I have prayed,


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