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Lent calendar 30 March

Sunset over the sea from Liberia

For the disciples, the day after Christ’s death on the cross must have been a day of fear, of grief, with no idea what would happen next or whether they would also be condemned.

For us, there is no liturgy to mark this day. After the powerful rituals and intense emotion of Holy Thursday and Good Friday, it is a day of silence and emptiness, of quiet contemplation of all that has occurred.

As we look back on our Lenten journey today, and wait for the joy of the resurrection, we consider how this time of reflection and the stories we have heard, may continue to impact our lives and our actions as we step back out of the wilderness.

And we remember through it all that God accompanies us every step of the way.


God of stillness, the small voice of calm, whisper your words of peace in our hearts as we look forward with hope to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.


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