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Compassionate God, it's easy to pray and act
when images of suffering smart our eyes
and words of injustice ring in our ears.

It's tougher to be constant
when the cameras are gone,
moved on to the latest celebrity scandal.

God of all time and of this moment, help us
to be present in thought, word and action
to our sisters and brothers in need - 
holding their concerns as our own.

Just as you remembered the suffering of Sarah and Abraham
and heard the cry of your people in slavery;
just as Jesus recognised our hunger
and dwells with us in spirit and in word;
so help us to embody your steadfast love,
as we remember your people in 
[insert country here].

We pray in Jesus' name,
who grieved with Marth and Mary,
and called Lazarus to fullness of life.


Pat Pierce/CAFOD

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