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Almighty God, you are the Creator of all. You have given us this beautiful land of Zimbabwe and its people. You have given us your Son Jesus Christ to usher in your Kingdom, and to show us how to work and live together in love, peace, harmony and justice. Thank you for the opportunity in our elections to choose leaders who will help us to establish your Kingdom in our land.

Lord Jesus, you preached a Kingdom to which all, without exception, are invited. It is like a big tree where all the birds are free to build their nests (Mt.13:31-32). It is the great banquet to which all are invited (Mt.22:1-14). As the Good Shepherd, you love, reverence and respect each one of your sheep, so much so that you die for them (Jn.10:15).

May all Zimbabweans be free to vote according to their conscience in this important election. May this election give us leaders who truly serve the people, just as you came not to be served but to serve (Mk10:45). You want all your children to have the fullness of life (Jn. 10:10).

May this election be conducted in an honest, truthful and transparent manner. Each day we pray that your Kingdom of love, peace, justice and freedom, may come (Mt.6:10). May our prayer not be an empty plea, or just a dream, but may your Kingdom be realized in Zimbabwe as we conclude by praying together in the words Our Lord taught us: “Our Father . . . .”


Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference

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